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Glasto politics: Non covid news


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He has never once actually said sorry. “Offering apologies” is in my opinion not the same as “i am sorry”

its more like, i apologise you feel we had a work gathering that looks a bit like a party

Or im sorry we got caught / found out

pathetic and he must go but of course he wont. In a way its probably better for us non tory supporters that he continues to trash the party in such a blatant way

in a more macro way, i dont see how he can contest the next election as tory leader and he will surely be going either way by the end of the year to make way for a new leader pre the next election

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12 minutes ago, Ayrshire Chris said:

Looking at the Tory backbenches I reckon they are a spineless bunch. For fucks sake , asking a question about a dinosaur skeleton.  Whatever happened to someone crossing the floor to join the liberals! 

Remember that after 2019 the Tory Party was moulded into Johnson’s image and this is the result of that. 

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Missed PMQs as it’s the daughters birthday and we were at the theatre. Surprisingly she doesn’t care for politics which given she’s 2 surprises me but there we go.

Anyhow, from Twitter it looks like Starmer smashed it out the park. Happy days!

Anything else stand out?

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Well that went exactly as I expected. Thought KS landed heavy blows, as well as Ian Blackford. Boris trying to buy time and hope this all disappears. So are his supporters. Don't believe it will though as he and he is supporters are in the minority. There are plenty out there examining the crevices that have opened looking for the next revelation. It's become a sport!

Wonder how long it takes for the next teaser to drop from Cummins! 

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