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Glasto politics: Non covid news


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5 minutes ago, Ozanne said:

Do we really need another non-Glastonbury thread in this part of the forum, surely grouping the chat together in one thread keeps it in the one area?

normally I'd agree with you about this.

But I think in the overall circumstances of right now, with covid dominating everything and politics being a big part of that, it'll be useful to stop the covid thread getting loaded with more-general politics stuff.

It's clear what this topic is about, and people can ignore it.

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1 hour ago, steviewevie said:

Go on I'll bite. Starts with:

"The commentariat seems to be turning against the Labour leader. Fortunately, his concern is the voters outside Westminster"

Then goes on to present an argument which talks up Starmer's performance as judged by things like passing George Osborne's 'camp david test'.  All penned by (quick google) a... london based barrister whose twitter is just pro Blair drivel. Hardly Joe Public, hardly objective, hardly an argument. Next.

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