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Post Reactions - What's your opinion?

Post Reactions - What's your view?  

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  1. 1. What would we like to happen with the reaction system?

    • Reinstate the old system
    • Don't have any post reactions
    • Bring back the ability to upvote but remove downvoting
    • A different system - Please give further details

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I'll post a defense of downvotes (since I can't get downvoted!).

Though I realize it's silly, I think a community reputation points system works, and it especially works in the negative (more than the positive).

While I understand the threat of downvotes possibly suppress unpopular opinions, it also suppresses the average user being nasty. For the most part, the only users being nasty on this forum are people with negative numbers in the deep red, and they are easy for other users to recognize and "ignore" for that reason.

As someone that lurks on the "shit end" thread, it does seem to have gotten a bit nastier the last 24 hours, which I think is because of the downvotes being removed.

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I voted option 4 as I’m really not fussed about the upvote / downvote as rarely use them. 
I did however often use the Like button, so that would be my preference to return.

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Yeah, I think maybe removing the upvote/downvote button and just sticking with the like would be the best way to do things. Not really sure what the difference between upvote/like is anyway... Can probably do away with the counter under users names when they post too, reduces the emphasis on trying to farm the upvotes.

Its definitely useful to have a quick way to react to things. Its nice to be able to tell someone I liked their simpsons meme without having to actually add a reply and potentially derailing a thread.

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Thanks for the return of the votes @eFestivals I will take back my opinions on the downvoting that I’ve mentioned over the years ... I was just wondering if the leaderboard has been omitted for a reason ... and I understand if it has .... or is it something that got left off when reinstalling the voting system by mistake ? Haven’t a clue on how forums are set up ... 

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