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Worthy Farm CHEESE


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Just now, Ayrshire Chris said:

Just noticed the win tickets thing. So that will be a diet of cheese and Mallets cider from now on in an attempt to win tickets 😁

Mallets cider is grim ... and the comp is currently not running ... I think the prize winners for that were announced already and will roll over ... they will hopefully run another one though ... I’ve friends that are happy to drink that for me ... I can only drink so much ... cheese however is a different kettle of fish 🐠 

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17 hours ago, Quark said:

This is the content I come here for.

See also:

Cheddar Seven

Gerard Whey

Ricotta Astley

Return Of The Mac (n cheese).

Dub me Gouda to me.

Better the cheddar you know.

Gouda get through this.

Cheddar in your shoes. 

Knowing brie knowing you 

Cheesy Lover.


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13 hours ago, vintagelaureate said:

Definitely not with the increased competition about.


Logically this should make sense. It’s basically beans on toast but skipping the part where you turn the wheat into flour then bake it into bread and then toast it. 

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