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LAWKS! It’s the Next Announcement Thread 2022!


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41 minutes ago, JoeyT said:

Blimey 8am's an early one.

Wonder what the reason for that is?

Perhaps another area announcement (Pilton Palais?) later on in the day?

Surely that would make more sense the other way around?  I think more people are interested in Block 9 than PP?

But they do like to surprise us! 

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If you Google image search ‘Glastonbury 2022 line up’ that’s the fifth / seventh image which comes up. Fk knows why they’d pick the clearly fake one, maybe just thought it was the biggest looking line up.

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Just now, JoeyT said:


Why move the announcement forward from 10am?

Only thing to guess is 1 they want to do another announcement today or 2 someone associated managed to get a radio slot early today and wanted to be able to talk about it. Maybe someone on with Lauren for Desert Island Disco??

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2 minutes ago, squirrelarmy said:

These 8am announcements are no good for the hype build. Everyone is either still in bed, going to work or not had their morning coffees. 

10am ones are definitely more fun. 

Or burning the literal midnight oil? Only 12am here. So I can go to sleep knowing full well about the fun times to be had.


So who are we guessing goes where. And the tweet says theres a new collab with Notting Hill Carnival along with the rest.

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