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LAWKS! It’s the Next Announcement Thread 2022!


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17 hours ago, stuie said:

Spot on, that. 

(And pretty much what I said the other day to a gym friend who tried to tell me I was a fool because I'd been triple vaxxed and then caught covid)

This is why I never speak to people at the gym.

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15 hours ago, mcshed said:

I'm just worried about the topic creeping in all over the place, I suspect there will be one Leftfield session officially given over to COVID which can be easily avoided but I'm pretty sure it'll raise it's head all over the place. You think a discussion about Latin American politics wouldn't include their COVID response?

I mean I'm sure it will raise it's head in the confines of certain discussions. It's been the biggest socio-political news story for like three years straight basically. Also a huge factor in the the fact last year was biggest shift in wealth inequality in recorded history. I'm not sure it would be right for leftfield to ignore it completely in discussions and debates, as all these things are linked politically, culturally and socially - even if you, I and others are bored/ fatigued of the topic. But, while I think it's a link in many stories, I genuinely think there are bigger issues (ones I mentioned) that will be debated/ discussed without it's mention at all. Also specifically on Latin American politics I actually don't think it has any impact at all really? 

Also, my experience of LeftField is that the questions are generally very very good. I can't think of a discussion that was hijacked or descended into chaos, even in 2016 and 2017 when tensions were high. If anything my complaint would be that it's the other way, that too often the debate doesn't branch into adjacent linked issues. Basically I'd say we should all have a little more faith in our fellow festival goers 😄  

Anyway, enough politics. I promise this is my last post on the subject as I know that many on here use the festival to get away from such matters haha! 

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10 minutes ago, Col!n said:

Avalon coming around midday I believe

Just now, Hotchilidog said:

Just loaded up their twitter page in anticipation, this would be a cracking start to the stages if true.

Same here, constant refreshing. 

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