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So the policy is they don't change photos linked to a current booking. 

My photo is the one I used when I got 2019 ticket in October 2018 when it was about 6 months old, thinking it'd be fine to use a 2 year old photo in 2020.

By June 2022 I'm fairly worried that this five year old photo will not look like me (fat and hairline) what do we reckon the chances are of them allowing changing photos as an exception?


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Don't worry about it. By 2022 the vast majority will have photos either nearly 3 years old or in many cases a lot older than that.

I'm not even sure how old the photo is on mine but I suspect it'll probably be about 5 years+.

Without going into the details of what the gate staff are trained look for, the changes you describe shouldn't be a big deal. Certainly not the hair, as a decent percentage of people turning up to the gate have got a different hair colour, or a wildly different style or just shaved the whole lot off. Basically the only time you should be concerned is if the actual face structure changes so just avoid reconstructive surgery.

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