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september 2021 Glastonbury

Big durbs

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1 minute ago, Ayrshire Chris said:

Just wondering , Will the schools be back in England when this event happens? Might have a bearing on attendance.  

Kids are in school when the main festival is on so I'm not sure it'd make that much difference.

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I would imagine there would be a big demand for tickets from non-glastonbury regulars who might be down that way on holiday at that time. Lots of people holidaying in the UK this year and the chance of a gig at Worthy Farm would appeal to many even if the line-up is not the best.

From my experience September is always a popular time for those with out kids to holiday as the prices drop off when schools re-open. There could be a lot of people with out kids with time off around this time who will not be put off by the nightmare of driving a long way to and from the site. For me and the people I know at the moment gigs outside seem a better option then gigs in doors.

I think if it took place the line-up would need to pretty poor not to sell reasonably well.

IDLES at Eden that night, any chance of a secret afternoon slot?

Nice Glastonbury organisers, If you have a top lineup, any chance of a NHS Presale 😊




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That’s a shame, but probably the right move all things considered. Last thing they want is to press ahead with this and have the rug pulled out from them at the last minute.

Full steam ahead for G22 now then. Let’s hope we get a semi decent festival season and it gives them confidence to start the announcement rollout in the fall!

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Just now, crazyfool1 said:

Very true … grateful for anything .. I’m sure they did everything possible to get it to happen … 

I have BDs and the Sunday of Reading Festival...better than nothing! 

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3 minutes ago, ladybird33 said:

Oh no, that absolutely sucks. Tough decision but probably the best one. Wonder if Mrs Griffiths is having a party? 

Might be covid reasons of course .. just for clarity I’m not suggesting that’s down to Mrs Griffiths 

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