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Glastonbury 2019 survey for my dissertaiton research

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I am currently in my final year of uni and working on my dissertation. My research aim is to examine how festivals are engaging with digital technology looking at social media, smartphones, and apps.  I have decided to study Glastonbury festival and how festival- goers engage with the Glastonbury app before, during and after the event!

So, if you have attended Glastonbury in 2019, I am asking for your support to fill out my questionnaire. Due to the pandemic and lockdown, I am unable to hand out questionnaires in person!

Therefore, I have created an online survey. Please follow the link if you attended Glastonbury in 2019 to complete the questionnaire which will take no longer than 10 minutes of your time! I would really appreciate your help each person that participates is a step closer for me and completing my dissertation!


Thanks so much! Also please feel free to share the questionnaire with your friends and family if they also attended :D<3

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Now done - as an fyi, there's Clashfinder which is very useful for putting your schedule together. I'd guess that a lot of people use that instead of the Glasto App as their main scheduler.

Also, on the social media front - might be worth mentioning these forums - efests?

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One massive question you haven’t asked is how the last app compared to the year before. It was nowhere near as good. One major flaw was that the previous year you could compare your lineup with that of friends. The function was missing in 2020.  There were other bugs too, but I can’t remember. Check back postings from early June 2019 and you will find lots of complaints about the app. 

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