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2022 Headliners


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6 hours ago, Hugh Jass said:

She’s doing a few three nighters and hasn’t got two consecutive nights off anywhere on the tour.

Cant decide if this makes her more or less likely.

Lets put it like this. She can play, and the helpful thing is that its the first of 3 performances in a row. The downside is that you cant expect a varied show from whatever her tour is going to comprise of production wise or song wise. Itll be a run by the numbers type of deal and youll have to determine if a standard show passes the glasto test or not. If she was going to go out of her way to make it special there isnt just a day off before the date and such and cramming it into a tour. 

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10 months away and I’m stressing about clashes already. Fair play if they have managed that. Billie Eilish is a massive headliner and I had QOTSA down as a too small to headline but very big sub, so getting them as an Other headliner is a pretty big deal. They’re certainly a fair bit bigger now than they were when they last played there.

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1 minute ago, zeppelin said:

I was just thinking this. Thought their stock had risen quite significantly since last time. 

Was not expecting this news this morning! 

My guess is they were a band in the mix for 2021 pre-pandemic, so they are a roll over.

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