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2022 Headliners


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12 minutes ago, dentalplan said:

I had to Google who did the show last year. Was it really that good?

Well I like both of them from previous. But what I'll listen to in which spans heavily diverse. Yours inside of rock genre fans won't see it but they might not see much worth it from the half time show.

I thought a mass load of effort went into it and it was great. I say there was more 'in it' than the jack 93 show but times have moved on from then now to what can be done.  But also, what half Time shows do we really remember?, I know there is no I wouldn't even bother with though. 

As Floorfiller said, Maroon 5 was shite but it's Maroon 5.

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1 hour ago, CaledonianGonzo said:

I've seen a few people saying that Prince's is the GOAT, but I dunno man. I watched it recently and it's very good but still just a medley of covers-fest.

It rained during Purple Rain, what else do you need.


You can find almost all the halftime shows on youtube since they began making it a thing back in the early 90’s,  so go and rank em. Michael Jackson? U2? Phil Collins? Shania Twain? Aerosmith? The Who? Springsteen? Gloria Estefan? Tom Petty? 

and Maroon 5 ended up doing it because everybody else turned them down that year.

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2 hours ago, balthazarstarbuck said:

I’d say 1. Prince 2. Gaga 3. Bruce

Allegedly Prince covered Best of You in retaliation for the Foos covering Darling Nikki, and the first Dave and the boys were aware of it was when they were watching the show. Could be total bollocks though.

Dave has a great anecdote about Prince which includes the song and it doesnt seem like retaliation at all.





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On 2/9/2021 at 10:48 PM, dentalplan said:

From the mixed reviews their tour received in 2019, it seems it might be better left to the imagination.

I saw them in 2015 and they were fantastic, even with Nicks health issues. At their age though every year older has a big impact.

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9 hours ago, Smeble said:

The biggest headliner we could get is the festival taking place with minimal disruption to the normal routine, maybe masks, and a negative test. 

after that anything is a bonus. Genuinely don’t care who headlines.

That’s great but I still hope we get good headliners 

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