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2022 Headliners


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16 hours ago, 1986 said:

Is Springsteen official anywhere in Europe yet? Can’t see where this talk of him is coming from. 

Internet chatter mostly on the fan chat rooms. Nothing substantial. Theres a post from a French website:
referencing Paris in June - but its got no substance
Springsteen himself said a few days ago in a German TV interview he will be playing Germany in 2022. But he says that stuff all the time.

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Was just listening to the version of A Dustland Fairytale with Springsteen on it on the way home and remembered how it came about because The Boss watched The Killers’ Glastonbury set and texted Brandon saying “we should do Dustland sometime”.

Makes you wonder if he texted Emily Eavis too saying “I should do Glastonbury again sometime” when he saw The Killers killing it on the ‘Mid.

Obviously he didn’t but please take this sequence of words in the form of a forum post as a gift from me to you.


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20 minutes ago, Mouseboy11 said:

Bruce is on Graham Norton tomorrow so something is definitely coming

I thought he was on Norton with Obama, re. their book that has just come out.

Of course I desperately want there to be a tour announcement because I need to know how much money I need to put aside/for how many dates of it - but don't want to get my hopes up prematurely!

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