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2022 Headliners


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16 minutes ago, Gilgamesh69 said:

They've already got Billie as a European festival exclusive, so the other two could be possible as well. Besides, there's still some festivals that have space for Kendrick on their lineup, even if they aren't exactly the same ones as he had planned for 2020/1

If they got all 3 surely it would be the first time they had 3 european exclusives (2 as well probably right?)

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2 hours ago, Matt42 said:

@Suprefanwas the first person to say BST had Adele and he’s also said that Elton has a second BST date.

I wonder if it’s Springsteen.

Springsteen rumored to be announcing tour dates on Thursday. 

If we lose McCartney I think they just might bump Dua up and not spend money somewhere else. If/when Elton adds that second BST date then maybe he shows up for her set as a guest on Sunday? Now we’re out a Saturday headliner with a few in the fray?


edit: and I dont even see Billie as an exclusive. The circumstances at hand worked out for the Glasto spot. The tour wasnt meant to have festival appearances on it anyway.

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I do think people are jumping the gun here, I'd personally not be too bothered missing out on Kenny and Macca. I'm not fully up to date with everything, but hasn't Kenny had music leaked and changed his Spotify picture as if gearing up to release music? Surely if that's the case it sonly a matter of time till he announces what he is doing next year? 

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