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2021 New Music


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On 7/18/2021 at 2:47 PM, Homer said:

If anyone can recommend any of this, I'd much appreciate it (Farmfest):


Missed them at Glastonbury but Ibibio Sound Machine are supposed to put on a great live show. Very upbeat afro-funk.

Despite the name, Peaness are great. Seen them a couple of times.  Lovely poppy indie sound but there's some snarky lyrics under it.

Henge are bonkers. If you enjoy trying to figure out what's going on for 40 mins while a man stands in a robe with a plasma ball on his head encouraging you to "dance humans" to a space rock backdrop, it's for you.

If KOG is who I think it is, well worth catching. Was runner up in the ETC a few years ago, caught him on West Holts first thing one Sunday.  Lots of energy, afrobeat rhythms, brass section, very bouncy. I'd see them again.

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Anne Merediths new alblum is out last week. Not that I have had chance to listen but was wondering if any of you London types have been or going to dodge at Somerset House. Would like to find out what it is like, sadly can't make it (Will download the app) I am intrigued 

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30 minutes ago, Andre91 said:

I’m fully on the DONDA hype train. Ye is my favourite solo artist of all-time as it is but I’ve allowed myself to be fully caught up in this. 

Yeah I’m trying not to get my expectations up too much but this certainly feels different than the last couple of albums what with the no false release dates (well… except the one a year ago…), no rushed finish, no Twitter tirades, no constant updates, no interview controversy, no presidential run. Not even an official release date yet - just some down-low hype a week prior and then album dropping. The album is also apparently 50 minutes to an hour so that’s got me even more hyped after all the 20 minute things we’ve had from him lately.

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Right, challenge accepted @priest17, prepare yourself for shock and awe. Catching up on the last couple of weeks, time to dump some tunes on your ears. 

Teleman have dropped a new one under the radar, good to see them cracking on without Jonny. I really liked the last album, but this feels more like they're shifting closer to their previous sound than the really synth-heavy FoA sound.  Wonder if that had anything to do with Jonny's departure, wanting to head in different musical directions?

Lovely 8-bit style video from She Drew The Gun

New Wildhearts, new album coming in September as well.

New Torres

Brighton indie kids Lime Garden

Bit of folk punk from Ferocious Dog

Low-key stuff from IDER

And finally, Stone Roses and bucket hat enthusiasts Afflecks Palace



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