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2021 New Music


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7 hours ago, FloorFiller said:

Tried to post these in the Sufjan thread but dunno if it’s been deleted or I’m just being a dumbass but I couldn’t find it.

ANYWAY, new Sufjan and Angelo De Augustine collaborative album out September 24. Heres two songs that should quell the appetites of those hoping Sufjan would go back to his folky ways. These are excellent and I’m stoked for this album:


I can't remember the last time a song hit me that hard while listening to it for the first time. It's exactly what I was hoping Sufjan would do, it's so good. I'm 19 and only got into him in the last 4 years so didn't know him when Carrie and Lowell and Illinois (I was 3 haha) dropped. If this album is only half as good as those two it's gonna be my album of the year for sure.

Just listened to Reach Out six times in a row, Olympus is great too, I'm so happy right now:)

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Little Simz is great as expected

Daniel Avery- Together in Static is getting repeated plays

New Smile Davis single is another cracking mash-up of Reggae and Hip Hop, this time using NAS

If you like Techno dub. Can be a bit samey but in the right place very hypnotic (I like it) the Echocord label are releasing some lovely stuff

If you like drugged up oddness then the new Moderator is great

New Katie Kim album will be getting a few more plays, still not sure on it yet some nice stuff in there though

Oh and the New Chems Blessed Madonna remix at high volume is a winner

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34 minutes ago, Henrik said:

Do we have any Say Anything fans on here? 

Graduating Life have released a new album today and it's great.

Sounds like an early Say Anything album. Very good. 

Is a Real Boy still gets regular plays from me so I’ll have to check that out.

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New Arthhur album is great if you're into your... Dancey art punk? Head Bobby pop rock? Well it's good anyway take my word for it. Shades of LCD Soundsystem and Parquet Courts in parts*.


*As ever, take my comparisons with a pinch of salt

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