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2021 New Music


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1 hour ago, priest17 said:

As someone never that arsed about them I am unbelievably hyped about that new Amyl And The Sniffers album. The latest single has grown on me massively and Guided might be song of the year.

I'd completely missed this! I'll have to check it out... thanks! 

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Just now, Mouseboy11 said:

She was incredible at Green Man, big tings a gwaan 

Was supposed to see her a couple of weeks ago but she had to pull out for health reasons which was a bummer. Got tickets for her in November though and she’s been fantastic the two other times I’ve seen her also. Big big fan and she deserves to be much bigger. Did a great live session on 6music yesterday too. 

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50 minutes ago, Odessa said:

New one from Caribou. They debuted this live on Friday night and it was fantastic. 



Banger this. Gutted he’s clashing with Bombay Bicycle Club when I go to APE, but seeing him later in the year and I can see this popping off. 

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7 hours ago, rivalschools.price said:

Yeah, this is pretty good to be fair.

Came across them when desperately searching for decent bands to watch at Reading (it’s hard work)

Will definitely check these out on the Sunday.

Annoyed they clash with Wolf Alice.

Fur on the Introducing Stage do Coral-esque jangly indie-pop and Lauren Hibberd sounds good.

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54 minutes ago, Tatterdemalion said:

Back from a lovely weekend at Green Man, one of the highlights was Modern Woman. Post-Punky noises and choppy guitars with a heavy folk influence on the vocal/lyrics. I'd say definitely worth checking out for fans of Pozi and PJ Harvey.



Love em, really hoping to catch them at psych fest in a couple of weeks so glad to hear they're as good live as I'd imagined.

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5 minutes ago, Tatterdemalion said:

Terrific line-up for the Psych Fest this year, wish I had the funds!

Yeah I've been to a few mini preseason gigs since we opened but feels like this is gonna kick everything off, buzzin. Some rough clashes emerging as they drip feed the stage times though ahah.

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