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2021 New Music


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3 hours ago, Homer said:


Good, you can help remind me to update it


EDIT: just realised you replied to Priest and not me. So I'm both sad that you don't want my playlist, and mildly embarrassed that I thought you did.

This is when I thought that girl at school liked me but really didn't all over again. And there was me thinking I was over it.

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2 hours ago, Quark said:

This is mine, more than welcome to follow it.  Same as Spotify you can can listen for free if you don't mind some ads.

It's generally compiled of stuff recommended on here and bits I pick up elsewhere.  It's not exhaustive as I'll stick everything on there at first, but if it doesn't do it for me I'll take it off pretty sharpish.



Thanks!! I'm liking the new Beach Bunny one as well and the artwork is great. I want to order it on vinyl but I have spent so much on vinyl recently!! I'm on a self imposed spending ban until February at least!! 

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11 hours ago, priest17 said:






8 hours ago, priest17 said:

Cool new song to go on new album (9th July) for DZ Deathrays. I thought they'd completely drop off years ago but they've settled into being quite a decent band at this point 


Part 2 to an album I didn't know there was a Part 1 of. 😅

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