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Rolling Chance of Glastonbury 2021 Thread

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0%   5/1 Average: 15.30% (-8.97%) Rolling Average: 29.06% (-1.34%) Todays graph including possible reasons for swings. Yes, I'm very bored at work. (Remember the rules as set

3% 12/1 Average: 11.13% (-12.33%) Rolling Average: 26.82% (-0.71%)

4% Stats catch up Day 7 [till 25/12]: 35.44%, (+4.32%) Rolling Average (RA) 32.74% (+0.24%) Day 8 [till 28/12]: 37.52 (+2.08) RA: 33.05 (+0.31) Day 9 [29/12]: 15.67 (-21.

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15/1 Average: 36.77 (+2.87%)

Rolling Average: 27.78 (+0.45%)


21 hours ago, crazyfool1 said:

dont know what it means but I feel quite like im a crazyfool out of water all on my own 

It was Average vs Standard Deviation, so essentially it means you've mostly been positive (higher average), but with the odd bout of negativity. As Standard Deviation was on the Y (vertical) axis, essentially the higher up you are, the more your vote has bounced around, unlike the positive crew in the bottom right (consistent 100%) and the negative crew (consistent 0-5%) in the bottom left.

For Example....





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