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Will the 2021 festival go ahead?


Glastonbury 2021   

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  1. 1. Following the Oxford Vaccine news will it go ahead?

    • Yes - I 100% believe
    • Yes - I think so but not close to 100%. Need to see how the roll out progresses.
    • Maybe - I'm 50/50
    • Unlikely - Even with the latest news I think it's unlikely to take place
    • No - The vaccine news is great but I can't see 200k people being allowed at Worthy Farm in June.

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Odd that she apparently heard that day, the same day she said it was cancelled. She was so confident about it, but equally it sounds like when someone says something blasé with little basis, and then when they realise what they’ve said is actually quite serious or controversial, they double down on it in panic.

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10 minutes ago, DareToDibble said:


Fair enough. That's a categorical denial.

Very odd that Mel B was so certain about it though. Maybe they just decided to pass on the Spice Girls whether it's on or not, and that translated as 'Glastonbury's cancelled' to her ears?

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Maybe it’s the festival equivalent of your mother-in-law knocking at the door when your wife is out, and you pretend you’re not home. 

‘Yeh we offered to play and they said it wasn’t on so they’ll ask us next year.’ Come June when we’re all pissed up at the festival, Mel B will be wondering what all the racket is coming from Somerset as she was assured she wasn’t needed to play.

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11 minutes ago, zahidf said:

Well yes. They need to have acts available.

Telling acts it’s probably not going ahead and outright cancelling are two different things albeit marginal.

Outright cancelling there is no return. Telling an act that it’s probably not going ahead doesn’t bind them to anything.

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Shame that Emily has to answer to any of this bs. It’ll be a page in The Sun tomorrow and nothing more. I hope they never bother with The Spice Girls. This is the same kinda stuff that had them lose Prince within 48 hours of giving the nod he would even perform.


And yeah, big diff between being turned and and cancelling an event. 

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15 minutes ago, Gnomicide said:

Thoughts are with Mel B's manager at this difficult time.

Told her the festival was off rather than say "They don't want you, love" and now she's been made to look a nob.

Originally booked for the legend slot in 2021, Covid happened, and Diana Ross then made herself available for 2021 with her new touring plans.  The manager probably decided telling her it was cancelled easier than trying to explain they had been kicked off the bill for a true legend

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1 minute ago, Matt42 said:

So no official word on cancellation and if it does tickets roll over to 2022? Fine by me. Best we can ask for right now. 

Yeh. That’s unfortunately where my thinking is at, awful to know we’ve got to wait but at least we know we’ll be there.


The next ‘proper’ sale for the festival is going to be absolute carnage. Seetickets better start saving bandwidth now.

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42 minutes ago, kalifire said:

Quire funny that in trying to namedrop the festival for whatever reason, she's inadvertently ensured they'll never be asked.

Wonder if that applies to McCartney as well? Or do we just excuse it on grounds of age?

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