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Glastonbury baby names

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This morning when the alarm went off Ms P stirred and said 'I just had a dream where we actually agreed on a baby name.' This is of course quite alarming to hear first thing in the morning when there isn't a baby in the near future, but as the sleep fog lifted I realised that she meant that whenever she says 'that would be a nice name for a baby', I almost always disagree - past suggestions include Riviera and Persephone - so for the subconscious version of me in her dream to agree with her, it must be good. 

'What was it then?' I mumble, rolling over.

'Avalon' comes the reply.

'Pffff, dream version of me is an idiot to agree to that.'

'I thought you would like it because of the Glastonbury thing.'

'...Oh yeah...'

In my daze it didn't even occur to me, but she had a solid point. While I still think it isn't exactly a good name to give a child (is there a gender attached, or is it gender neutral?), it then got me thinking that there must be a fair few babies out there, and indeed on here, whose name references the festival somehow. 

So the question is this - who has named their baby with Glastonbury in mind? 

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Having taught in schools around here I've known a John Peel,  Jazz, Skye, cloud and Rainbow ( although she is a friend and teacher who's dad designed the pyramid stage). I've yet to meet Glade, shangrila or other. Plenty I could have put in the naughty corner though

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Having become a parent 15 days ago, I’m delighted to reveal we called our child Silver, and our surname is Hayes. 

DISCLAIMER: No part of the statement above is true. I couldn’t convince my wife to go for Cineramageddon as a middle name either. 

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