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I will get more response here than any other sub-Forum............Kendal Calling

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Two reasons

Glasto 2021 may not go ahead, hell, KC may not either.

I am fed up of missing out on live music that why can't I do two festivals?!


Basically, I am feeling I want to do two, yet to tell 'er indoors.

I have done Leeds loads and I would get annoyed with all the drunk children there so thought maybe Kendal as never done it and heard good things. Also thinking of maybe taking the (will be) 5 year old as it is also falling in school holidays. Does anyone know what this festival is like for children? I know Bestival will probably be better but I don't really fancy the trek all the way down there and KC is only 2 hoursish from us.


Sorry I know it's not Glastonbury related but all other forums on here are dead!

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1 hour ago, Chrisp1986 said:

The last reply on there was August to anything..........

Maybe because people decide to post elsewhere.

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Been twice first time lots of showers, then 24hours of rain. Second time boiling hot Thursday/Friday then storms, had to leave on the Sunday to go on holiday to Turkey. 

there is a lot of local 18 year old who go as a blowout, mostly they are ok. There is things to do for kids, however we are going to blue dot next year which is the same company that do it.

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We average five festivals a year and have been on and off to Kendal Calling for ten years or so.

Have to agree with the weather. We have got more pissed wet through continually at that festival.

I have to say the crowd are a right pain in the arse. We won't go again on the strength of the amount of whoppers that now attend. 

They have a decent kids field area if you can be arsed dragging the 5 year old through the Somme 4 times a day.

Apart from that, it's mint...

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I've not been to either but from people I know who have been to both Bluedot is way better for young kids and a lot of school leavers/ uni crowd go to Kendal Calling. I believe Bluedot is also school holidays or near as damn it but depends on type of music you like. KC is usually a bit more mainstream and Bluedot a bit more 6 Music. 

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Been a couple of times. Kendal has stuff for kids, is a nice size, and the local lads & ladettes though having fun aren't any bother. They do get drunk but not like they did at T Park (and I assume Leeds). You'll have your own "family" section to pitch, and it's out of the way, so you won't be getting the drunk revellers stumbling over your tent at stupid o clock.

It's a lovely vibe and I wouldn't hesitate to book, albeit under the standard caution nobody knows what the state of play will be next year.

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