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Stevie Wonder 2010 (favour)


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Thanks for reminding me about this. What a great day that was, in what was i think my favourite year. I remember getting rather drunk during Faithless, dancing my tits off at the back of the field. When Stevie came on my mate ,myself and his Mrs wandered our way through the crowd and over the Sunday blankets to the open space behind the sound deck by the screen where there was a large crowd just dancing like they were at a night club; at least that was in my drunken memory; i joined them through a classic Stevie set.

i now have my plans for this Saturday nights viewing. A bottle of wine and some memories. Fuck Covid!

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Rewatched the whole thing last night.

The keytar solo into Master Blaster!

The three song Innervisions run in the middle!

The crowd singing the hook to Sir Duke louder than the band!

Ol' Mikey Eavis not realising there was more than one version of Happy Birthday!

Cheesier than a quattro formaggio at times but just beautiful, joyous scenes all around.

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Incredible set, probably my favourite Glasto set all things considered. Staggeringly I thought he was somehow even better at Bestival two years later!

Also I uploaded the set (and a few others) onto YouTube the week after or something (in terrible quality and in different parts) and ever since then YouTube sends me a cheque for about 50 quid every couple of years. I have no idea how that's been monetised since it's the BBC but I normally donate the £ to charity. Bigup Stevie!

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5 hours ago, Mr.Tease said:

My dad used to always listen to "I just called" in the car when I was a kid, always singing along. Unfortunately he always insisted the lyrics were "I'm just cold, to say I love you" (English was his second language) - which doesn't even make sense! But he refused to listen to reason if you ever challenged it! So that song always makes me laugh, as awful as it is. 


It's not a song that crops up with any regularity in my life, but when it does I'll only hear be able to hear your dad's version now 😂

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19 hours ago, Gwladboy said:

You’re a fine man Mark. 

I’m a hungover one. 

Also, I have the file. It’s 624x352 so not the most amazing quality but certainly watchable. It’s 4 hours long because it contains highlights from Sunday 2010 as well as the Stevie set.

Flick me a message with your email address if you would like it 😀

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