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2022 Festival

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After seeing them in Sheffield tonight, there isn’t a person alive who could convince me that IDLES aren’t deserving of a sub slot. The crowd tonight was fired up to fuck and it was so diverse; R&L kids, punks, dark fruits, metal heads, olders, youngers. Reading and Leeds would go off for them. 

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1 hour ago, jumperofftheshelf said:

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets have just rescheduled their UK tour to August and are doing Birmingham Friday, Bristol Saturday and have the Sunday off. Not sure where they’d fit but they’re fantastic and would love to see them on the lineup in a mid afternoon slot

I’d say that rules them out as they won’t be able to play one of Leeds or Reading. 

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5 hours ago, Dukey said:

Pendulum playing live at Lowlands - could they return? Maybe close MSW after MTS? 

I’m convinced they’ll be boomtown headliners as their only U.K. fest. No real basis just seem to be about then, have no U.K. dates and they just seem like the perfect headline booking after the fest had 2 years off 

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Joe Talbot said something on stage in Sheffield last night and by putting two and two together, they’re not going to be at R&L this year. 

He was saying about how great it is to be in Yorkshire and they won’t be back here for a while because of ‘festivals and stuff’. 

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4 minutes ago, Will b said:

Massive drop in quality from boardies after the last 3 years - any names we could see at r/l tho?


Wow that’s pretty terrible. Only band I’d take that’s realistic would be Stone, early main or FR. 

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