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Tramlines 2021 and Hillsborough Gigs


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24 minutes ago, Hirstys 12th Pint said:

Whats the announcement at 1pm then ??

More tickets or additions to the line up ?

Both maybe, hoping not but I’d expect DMAs to pull out with them coming over from Aus, tickets for their Leeds gig first week in August have disappeared from See Tickets all of a sudden. Production hold tickets possibly going on sale as well?

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Well this is a good news/bad news announcement for me. 

Huge Circa Waves fan, thrilled they’re added. My most anticipated act of the whole festival now.

Gutted to lose Pale Waves (and sad to see DMA’s go as well). Overall, sort of disappointed that an already weak lineup (for me personally) has just lost a couple of the handful artists I was excited about. 

Also stage splits have been worried there’s going to be a few clashes for me. The few bands are want to see are mainly high up on second stages. Will probably overlap. 

Still when Circa Waves play those first chords of T-Shirt Weather I’ll probably cry with joy! 

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2 hours ago, Hirstys 12th Pint said:

Gutted no DMA's but can understand why. 

Shows line up weaker than 2018 and 2019 when you see the splits IMO but just happy, sorry ecstatic it is going ahead.


Yeah DMA's not going would have seen me cancel the Friday if I was going. The Sunday split is very weak too but I never thought it was the strongest day anyway but for him still the one I'd have done.

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1 hour ago, swede said:

What time does first band usually hit the main stage, my mates who I'm going with isnt the best early riser but I want to see The Everly Pregnant brothers and he wants to see The Fratellis 

In 2019 music started at 3.30pm on Friday 

12.30pm on Sat/Sun.



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15 minutes ago, the hitcher said:

😂😂😂 don’t really know who they can get at such short notice! Although I guess there’ll be a lot of bands big enough dying to play so hopefully they might pull it out the bag!

they had about 3 days to replace Wu-tang back in the day!

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28 minutes ago, Samjones said:

I could see it being any of bombay, stereophonics, supergrass, madness

Bombay are at Latitude that day. Wolf Alice could headline Latitude Friday and head to Tramlines Sunday. Phonics, Supergrass, Madness are good shouts for the festival, easy, typical bookings though. Would have to be an act that appeases the Ashcroft day ticket holders 

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Well I didn’t like any of the headliners, so I’m not fussed. Missus will be disappointed though. 

Would love him to be replaced with someone more to my taste. Go get Catfish back, or Courteeners. Anyone dark fruits twitter likes I’d likely love. 

Could Frank Turner be a shout? He’s available that weekend now and would fit the bill nicely. 

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