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Boomtown 2021 thread

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More details released on October 1st. Hoping they continue the current story rather then a reset and hoping to see state of emergency.


But most of all, hoping the festival is in a strong financial position to come back next year after COVID.

Stay safe everybody 

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I would expect the storyline to continue, but will probably have more of an angle of recovery and togetherness, as hopefully the world is coming out of the state of emergency. 

Will be interesting to see who took up the refund option, and how many rolled over tickets. Also, fingers crossed that they festival can go ahead next year, and we see a return to normality. 🤞

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Just saw this post in the Glastonbury forum about Reading and Leeds, which got me thinking about Boomtown.

Apparently, there will be no indoor stages at Reading and Leeds. The implications for Boomtown could be dramatic! I would hope it relates to large capacity indoor venues, otherwise alot of what I love about Boomtown would be carved up (no microvenues etc.).

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7 hours ago, jump said:

^I hope not, a lot of my favourites bits of Boomtown are the stage/set designs and a lot of will have to be thrown away in favour of the gig in a field format.

Yeah I agree, my favourite part of Boomtown is the random little parts you find. 

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It will either be main stages only music festival or business as usual. There’s no option for a middle ground. 

Did an escape room at the weekend and they’re spending 45 minutes cleaning between sessions, used to be 15 mins set up.

Can’t see any of the micro venues having the ability to keep it clean enough if everyone’s still worried about covid.


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