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5 hours ago, atomised said:

Almost certain I've heard that Spanish love songs aren't booked

Gutted if this is true and given that Knocked Loose basically pulled out this year I reckon that they won't be here next year either. So I'm basically only left with The World Is... out of my desired 3 that might show up. Can't say I blame SLS given all the uncertainty that's still around. Hoping that they show up in 2022 then.

4 hours ago, sacred shape said:

Disappointing but if you'd have offered me Menzingers for them I'd have taken it

Both would have been the most ideal situation :P. And as much as I love Menzos, I have seen them play a bunch more times and generally prefer SLS but that won't stop me going down to the front if this goes ahead.

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The majority of the line (around 90%) is being revealed next week. Got an announcement everyday Monday - Main stage headliner Tuesday - Thursday line up Wednesday - Friday line up Thursday

Usually the website is pretty good with listing the stage info, but I imagine it might update all in one go at the end of the week, so expect a better idea then!

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