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Hellfest 2021

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Unfortunately, 13 bands scheduled for the 2020 edition could not confirm their presence for 2021: Incubus, Mastodon, Infectious Groove, Thy Art Is Murder, Alter Bridge, Baby Metal, Joyous Wolf, Unleashed, Meshuggah, The Black Dahlia Murder, Periphery, Body Count and August Burns Red.

Fortunately, we were able to confirm 3 new ones: Puscifer (Hellcome back Maynard James Keenan), Dropkick Murphys (Clisson / Boston pairing is on track! ) and Northlane (for high-level Australian Metalcore! ).).
We are still working on the 10 groups to announce to close this poster! Trust us, we are already on good leads!





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I don't think they're really big in France. I think their only show ever in France was Hellfest in 2016. They headlined the smallest tent, Valley, on the last day (after Jane's Addiction and during Black Sabbath show on MS). 

The big names seems cheap. Deftones headliner in 2020/2021: really?! Headliner in 2010 was alright, the festival was way smaller than actually. Dropkick Murphys sub again (already at this place in 2019), Puscifer sub with Rival Sons below, Walls Of Jericho headliner of the Warzone...

Maximum The Hormone don't have their logo so I guess the missing band will be between Korn and them. 

Some bands like Bullet For My Valentine will be on tour. I guess Trivium too. But I can't see them added on this line-up.

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