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Berlin Nick Cave '20 cancelled, not refunded - vouchers instead

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Hi there. Sorry if this has been asked already, but I've been Googling advice. It seems the German government safeguarded venues by allowing them to issue vouchers instead of refunds for German venues and this affected Nick Cave in Berlin, which was due to take place on 27th May and was rescheduled to next May 21. It offered me the chance to re-process them, which I did, since I thought this meant I was getting a refund. Instead I've got vouchers, which I do not want, I want a refund. Apparently after 2021, I will get the cash back, if I have not claimed the voucher. Details of this scheme are here: https://www.eventim.de/campaign/veranstaltergutschein/ 

I did not buy these on a credit card, instead on a Monzo card. They have said this: 

  • We’ll need some more information to see whether we can dispute this transaction. Could you please send us:
    • A receipt, confirmation, or proof of purchase.
    • Any expected delivery date, if there was one, as well as a delivery confirmation or dispatch note.
    • All correspondence between you and the merchant about the goods you didn’t get, and any other correspondence since then.
  • We’ll look at the evidence and then see if it’ll be enough for a dispute to be successful.

I will do this now. Does anyone have any other advice or have you faced the same problem with German tickets? 




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Slightly different but the rules in France are very similar (for holidays too).

I know of people who have paid several thousand to go to Disney Paris and been issued a voucher that French law protects. If it goes unused for 'x amount of time' a full refund is then processed.

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