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I am working on my dt gcse and am designing a product to help security from tents or just in general at festivals. If anyone has any feedback on first hand experiences or would like to be my Primary user that I could do surveys on that would be very helpful. Thankyou!!!

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Hello Tom,

There are tent alarms on the market eg the one below;


Mind you, I don't know what is to stop a thief just smashing them if they wanted the noise to stop.

In the old days I used to hang a string of small bells like these (see below) to the zipper on my tent, so that


anybody entering the tent would be put off by the belss making a noise, in case I happened to be in the tent. I know that some people achieve the same effect by stringing empty beer and cider cans to the zipper of their tents.

Padlocking the zippers on a tent have proved fruitless in the past, as it indicates that you aren't in the tent, and thieves just tend to slice open the fabric of the tent with a Stanley knife or similar.

Of course a lot of festivals have free and paid for security tents or lock ups to store valuables over night now.

Not sure what you mean by security in general at festivals. If you mean from attack by a mugger or would be rapist etc, then there are persoanl shriek alarms on the market already too eg


Other people may lock valuables in a car overnight.

Then there's the making friends with your neighbours angle ie if you get to know them and them you, then it can assist security as you then know who is supposed to be around your / their tents, and can question anybody you are not familiar with.

Leaving your tent is in as much as a mess as possible, so as to make finding valuables less easy to a thief.

Then there are diversion safes eg see below;




I hope that some of the above may be of use to you.

If you want to ask any questions then please do so.


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