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New Glastonbury Merchandise

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Finished a 14k run and came home to my new Glastonbury shirt! Fits perfectly. Gonna have a few drinks tonight and then inevitably get all teary about next week.... But I'm so fortunate to have my heal

Framed mine up today. Ikea has a few options for 40x50 frames. Had to cut it down slightly but here it is.   EDIT: Name of this frame is Knoppang but they had a few different ones

May post this in the good news thread also due to Level Ten Chuffdy Badge. New Alce Hatfield Canvas arrived today (my birthday). I love it. The mysterious hedonism that lies within. A great balan

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4 minutes ago, funkychick2007 said:

My bank balance has just disappeared!!! 
Chilly bottles are excellent they really do work mine survived keeping water cold all day in 2019!!! 

They work equally well in reverse with hot drinks  too ... great xmas presents 🎁 

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14 minutes ago, henry bear said:

Signed copies of the book in stock

Nice! I picked up (the only copy) signed by them both at Waterstones in Winchester the other weekend. Good to see more are available. It's a must buy, especially this year, being the 50th anniversary 🙂

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So our stuff finally arrived last week, opened some of it yesterday after leaving it to decontaminate for a bit. as always the clothing is top quality, the only issue is we ordered 4 red items and each ones a different colour, shame.

Anyway, one of the other items is a tea towel and seeing the 1970 ticket price, i thought i'd have a look and how much we should be charged if the increases had just been based on inflation. Apparently a quid in 1970 would be about 15 or so now so basically ticket prices have increased by 20 times more than inflation - still a bargain and cheap at twice the price! 

Will open the book soon, can't wait to have a look at that, bought one before for the ticket draw but the book didn't arrive - pretty sure the new owners of our UK house could well be new Glasto fans as the book must have gone to them last year.

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Have they already sold out of some of the new clothing?

I can't find the 2010 T-Shirt featured in the banner.

Edit: OK found it. I don't think it glows in the dark like the originals did. My well worn decade old one obviously doesn't any more.

Edit 2: Damn. The 50th Anniversary black T-Shirts have sold out. Wonder if they'll make any more, given that they said it's still being considered the 50th anniversary if it goes ahead next year?

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On 11/18/2020 at 12:40 AM, gooner1990 said:

Does anyone have inside info as to when the 'pre-order' merchandise will be sold/sent out?

It says on the website that orders dispatch starting Nov 30 or Dec 7. Just depends on the pre order item. Each listing states the date if you scrolled down. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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