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45 minutes ago, JHad said:

Anybody got any tips for between 3 and 6 today? 

I can't see anything interesting all afternoon and then evening is clash central! Tips appreciated, although comedy might be on the cards. 

As mentioned by Mr Chapple Katherine Ryan is a good shout.

If you want music - Kamala are on the Olelisk at 3.30pm, happy indie music,  that reminds me of Vampire Weekend a bit.

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Nobody saw Hot Chip, kind of surprised! They were incredible shame it was only an hour set. Declan was fantastic as well and the after dark stuff is awesome here!

also did anyone get in wet leg - it was insanely busy we danced on the hill nearby. cannot wait for chems today absolute favourite artist for the first time

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15 minutes ago, harryy said:

Did the goat girl into wolf alice route and impressed by the former and blown away by the latter. 

Wolf alice have just ascended imo. Their live skill feels unmatched. Outstanding and much needed for me. Loved it. 

Agree, we did the same 😊

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29 minutes ago, Mr Boo said:

My oldest daughter loved this set so much, I was impressed as well, some of the songs a bit 70s rock, great sound 👍

British Bombs and Brazil were fantastic singalongs, everyone just felt so up for it! Even the new album ones i didn’t really know were pretty fun!

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Cheers for the tips, guys. Out of reactions for now! I also noticed Ishmael Ensemble are this afternoon on the Introducing Stage, but weren't on the clashfinder I was using. They should be good too! 

FWIW, my must sees today are Los Bitchos and Joe Armon-Jones. 

Have a blast everyone! 

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It's anybody else having an issue with the app changing times back and forward by an hour?! I assume it's to do with BST/UCT when I don't have signal, but seems an odd way to code the app! 

Also, the programme and clashfinder also both have different times again for comedy and the crew have me a fifth different time, which also turned out not to be true! Ah well, something entertaining will be happening somewhere I guess! 

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45 minutes ago, Maddiehope said:

Sad news - Billie Marten is out.

Best news - Self Esteem in.

They’re doing a great job with the replacements so far. If any of them have been a downgrade, it’s only very slightly, and still acts you’d happily see take those spots at Latitude in a normal year. Seeing Self Esteem myself in a couple of weeks; she’ll be amazing and everybody should go see her. 

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26 minutes ago, adequate8 said:

Still nothing on Arlo replacement? Can’t seem to get the schedule to load in the app either

Signal is awful but need it to keep track of all these lineup changes! 

The fontaines replacement may have been covering both of those slots perhaps is my thinking, so maybe that will just be empty now. Hopefully not as its a pretty big slot

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55 minutes ago, Jacko45 said:

Have they oversold day tickets?

Absolutely mental today, the comedy tent had to bail it was just wall to wall couldn't move all the way back.


Retired to the tent for a bit

Mark Watson is a Latitude institution. Whoever was on the Obelisk stage was probably wondering why they were playing to an empty field.

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