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BBC Glastonbury


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2 minutes ago, sedra said:

In those days the headliners started alot later - his set started at around 10.30pm. Chemical Brothers pyramid headliner on Friday was nearly 11pm start! 

That's what I love about some of those euro festivals. Saw The Cure last year and they played from about 11 til 1

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Given the festival has less resistance from locals these days, I wonder if they asked to push a bit later on the Friday and Saturday through to 12:30 or 1am whether the council would approve it now. They may not want to due to the pull of the SE corner now but would be interesting.

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Wasn't there but I'm pretty sure I would have just lost it at All The Young Dudes. Waving my arms in the air at home here.

I always fancied having hair like Bowie in his fifties, By the time I get to a barbers after all of this I might have the length.

And he really does have some of the most iconic guitar riffs of all time doesn't he (Ronson, Rodgers, Vaughn off the top of my head).

Don't think I've watched this since the original broadcast.

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Just now, Matt42 said:

Been meaning to go for a wee for ages and I can’t get up and go. Feel like I’m in a crowd and I’m dying for a piss.

I don’t want to miss a second of this!

Exactly - I’m the same 😂

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