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I have fond memories of Dizzee on the Park in 2008, and the Pyramid in 2009, though by then he was well into his pop phase.  I didn't bother with 2010.

Through chance of circumstance I saw quite a lot of his 2017(?) set on West Holts and he had a big crowd who were having a great time.  Fair play to him. 

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Lovely bloke as well. My sister worked for Virgin in Australia and Bowie regularly flew into Sydney especially in the 2000s (I think he lived there for a bit) He always used to ask for my si

I've updated the Clashfinder with all that has been announced so far. Each "program" has a link to it & a description if you hover over it. https://clashfinder.com/s/g2020

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Long shot but...did anyone download/capture the Jay-Z set for posterity?

Have never seen it in full, only bits and pieces online, and missed the chance on iPlayer in June. Help appreciated (!)

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8 hours ago, Homer said:

Still loving this


Ah, I'd never seen the recording of this. Serious energy!

Had a brutal run from Beck to Grimes to LCD that evening, so was only saw 2/3rds of this set, and from the back / with an eye on my watch. She sounded great but had no idea the crowd was going off to this extent. Big up for posting

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16 hours ago, CaledonianGonzo said:

Buy just imagine Elon Musk at the side of the stage, rubbing his thighs like Vic Reeves and whispering his sexy thoughts at her in a thick Saffa accent.

I'd upvote this twice if I could.

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3 hours ago, gooner1990 said:

Just listened to this at work.....was a great set to end a great Glastonbury. 🙂




Ooh yes, that was indeed memorable.

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