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The Glastonbury festival quiz

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How are we going to cure you of your problem?

You got it.  Whenever I saw those stages listed in the programme, I always wondered why they'd call them that, so it was a mini-eureka moment when someone asked me to help set up a drum-kit on a 'rise

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It was the affirdable housing scheme for the local residents to try an encourage the younger members of the community to stay within there local family networks! From what I’ve heard at work the schemes are working really well!!! The Festival puts a lot funding back into local schemes! David Beckhams son goes to the local private school! Hence the connection!!

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On 7/7/2020 at 8:45 PM, grumpyhack said:

What was this called, where and what year?

Portaloo Sunset

Remember that so well. I, along with just about everyone else that bothered to express an opinion agreed that it was completely shit. Honesetly, no pun intended. 

Feckin eyesore.

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31 minutes ago, stuartbert two hats said:

I fucking love this forum. "43026? That'll be a train named after the farmer who throws the festival!"


It was either that or the branding of one of the Eavis Herd of cows :) 

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