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The Glastonbury festival quiz


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1 hour ago, henry bear said:

Who did you see play there?

The list would be very long and would hurt my brain to try to recall them all but pretty well all the bands that played Woodstock as most of them were touring in those day.  Standout memories include the Electric Prunes, Jefferson Airplane and Santana.  UK bands included Fleetwood Mac and Pink Floyd.  This was the Bath Blues Fest line up.

The Bath Festival of Blues 1969

And this was Shepton Mallett the following year.  In my book Glastonbury's -1 and -2.

The Bath Festival of Blues and Progressive Music.1970

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1 hour ago, Quark said:

Allllrighty then.  Not a massively difficult one, but let's see who's paying attention to the festival away from the stages.

What are the Healing Field circles?


fire, air, earth, water

Kind of agree with Stu but there are counsellors in there too...  ☺️

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10 hours ago, dizzymoo said:

I really am shit at this quiz and it's entirely fitting that I got the least cool answer correct!

Sorry if this is too easy - which Glastonbury regulars had 'Michael Eavis' appear during their set demanding everyone get off his land?

the levellers ?

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1 hour ago, Earth_pig said:

The Wurzels !


44 minutes ago, HeyPorter said:


Neither of these. They used to perform late every night on Blazing Saddles stage, then the Summerhouse in more recent years (but sadly no longer). They had a song dedicated to the pope - 'No bumming' 

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