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When will this shit end?

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I think on a music festival message board it’s a legitimate question to ask. It doesn’t suggest the OP doesn’t give a shit about anything else. Of course there are much bigger things to be worrie

I can’t get the following thought out of my head and it’s making the old bottom lip wobble: Wednesday evening at the 2021 festival, the sun has been out all day but temperature not stifling, perf

Howdy folks...sorry I'm late to the party! Was in a meeting and could see notifications coming up! So, looks very promising indeed. The vaccinated group not only didn't develop severe disease, bu

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11 minutes ago, fraybentos1 said:

This thread used to be about the Covid pandemic but now seems to be any current affairs people fancy talking about. Makes it harder to see useful info imo.

Really? I see this as more of a riding the storm thread. “When will this shit end” is a really strong question in light of all that’s going on at the moment. The world really isn’t in a great place and we hope all the shit comes to an end!

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4 hours ago, JoeyT said:

Folks talking like offices have been told to close when that's simply not true.

Staff have been asked to work from home if possible to do so which isn't possible for some.

While that's true, that was always the case during the initial lockdown. The rules were only ever "work from home where possible" - no offices were ever forcibly closed even in March/April. So the guidelines on office working are now the same as they were back then, and as strong as they've ever been.

2 hours ago, Freddyflintstonree said:

I think he knows it's not going to be enforceable to cancel Christmas. Its just not going to happen. Scary really.

There's a middle ground between "full lockdown at Christmas" and "do whatever you want" though. Christmas needs handling as its own thing, they need to start modelling the movements of people over the Christmas period and figure out what the most risky elements are, and put in things to prevent that. If the rules are reasonable, and people can still see some family, they might accept not being able to have 20 person parties.

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8 hours ago, zahidf said:


This sounds like good news. I guess China is trying to reverse becoming a pariah state, maybe they know this is the future so want to show world leadership whilst US goes backwards, know that climate change could lead to more unrest in their own country, and don't have the short termism of democracy to worry about.

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11 hours ago, crazyfool1 said:

Keep persisting ...  maybe in early hours slots do free up !!  

Tried all night and all morning. Impossible. We got through once for a home test, but then the Transunion bit of the system said “it did not recognise the person” and you get sent back to the start.

I’d obviously read how appalling the system is but it’s even more maddening than I could have believed. Shambles. 



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5 minutes ago, steviewevie said:


I’m not aiming this at you mate but how did people not see this coming!? It was obvious when the weather turned and people started doing more cases would rise, now they have and we still don’t act quickly enough. There’s a huge chasm of leadership for this country at the moment which won’t be filled by the PM giving a prerecorded 10 minute address before Bake Off. 

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Below taken from Gov.uk website, I've highlighted the important bits. Definitely not a call from the government for offices to effectively close...

Working from home

To help contain the virus, office workers who can work effectively from home should do so over the winter. Where an employer, in consultation with their employee, judges an employee can carry out their normal duties from home they should do so. Public sector employees working in essential services, including education settings, should continue to go into work where necessary. Anyone else who cannot work from home should go to their place of work. The risk of transmission can be substantially reduced if COVID-19 secure guidelines are followed closely. Extra consideration should be given to those people at higher risk

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Feeling very concerned that these new rules aren’t going to get us anywhere. The rules surrounding face coverings, contact tracing and table service should have been the case since 4th July anyway, and given we now have exponential rise it’s unlikely to stop that on its own.

Rule of 6 and more working from home could potentially reduce transmission but depends on whether people follow this guidance or not.

I can potentially see a full lockdown in 2-4 weeks. Is this just me being pessimistic or?

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9 minutes ago, JoeyT said:

Below taken from Gov.uk website, I've highlighted the important bits. Definitely not a call from the government for offices to effectively close...

Today it is pissing it down in Yorkshire. I would definitely prefer to be working from home today. I shall be having a word with my boss when I get to the office. 

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