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When will this shit end?


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53 minutes ago, Havors said:

This is why we will be opening up on 19th July. I will get told off for saying broken but I think its enough to say that the link between cases and admissions is broken enough. 

We are though in trouble of becoming case blind.... you can already see it on twitter with the hysterical people thinking the world is ending again because the case numbers. They are still treating them as though we are still in 2020. 

Yes I think the link is broken at last. I think any caution now, political or scientific, surrounds the possibility that even a comparatively lower admissions number will have a negative effect on clearing the 5 million case backlog as they need IC beds too as well to R&R. 

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Today has been the first day that I've felt really down about summer tbh.....

Already nearly July, weather has been pretty shit all up really and looks like we won't be having any festivals to speak of this year.

Going to try and get away for the month of September if possible, I've just handed my notice in at work after 9 years at the company I'm working for so am wrapping up end of July.

Possibly just a comedown from the weekends antics as well....

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6 minutes ago, Ozanne said:


That graph is a little misleading I think, to put on a logarithmic scale anyway, it looks like things are spirally upwards looking at the trendline, it doesnt reflect the impact of the vaccination programme, you are comparing 1000 deaths in January against deaths increasing from 7 to1 5 or so now. The vaccination programme means we wont witness an exponential growth in deaths, and if we did  for a short while then it would peak at a very low level, and not the 1000 in January


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It’s as cringeworthy to see people fawning over a politician because they’re saying things they want to hear as it is to see attacks on other people because they’re not saying what some want to hear. 

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Just listening to the teaching union guy on channel 4 banging on about masks, lack of testing and ventilation as the reason why kids aren't in school.


They aren't in school because we send them home for little to no reason.  This guy is stuck in March 2020.  Who are kids going to  infect? Their double vaccinated grand parents?  Their single/ double vaccinated parents?

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1 minute ago, Chapple12345 said:

The replies to this are mostly people going on about long covid, the next few weeks are going to be unbearable 

I know quite a few people with “long covid” and it’s not even that bad. Two friends and one relative of mine all tested positive in the December-January peak, all had mild to medium symptoms and self-isolated at home. None was seriously ill or even came close to needing hospitalisation.


All of them have still to regain their sense of taste and smell six months on. It doesn’t really affect their day to day functioning, it’s just inconvenient and annoying.


I don’t think society needs to be shutting itself down to stop people being without a sense of taste for a few months. 

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