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When will this shit end?


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45 minutes ago, st dan said:

If the 5 million doses that India are delaying will ultimately save ‘x thousand’ number of lives there then I have no issue with all of this. 
It would be morally wrong for us to take them to start vaccinating fit and healthy 30 and 40 year olds just because we want to get back to normal ASAP. 

Yeah I agree. If it means that more vulnerable people in another country get protection quicker then I have no problem with this. 

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On 3/22/2020 at 3:11 PM, Yoghurt on a Stick said:

I'd say that we haven't even fully seen even the tip of the iceberg on this. The last I heard there was no evidence to say that once you caught it you are then immune (assuming you make it through). So, unless a vaccine is found, I'd say that this 'shit' is easily going to roll on in to next year. I'll be happy to be wrong on that perspective though.

Having previously had o I'd gives similar protection as the vaccine. 

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Anybody else think that the timing is a bit convenient - Seems like european countries that were not on track to meet vaccine targets but had completed vaccination of the most vulnerable so wouldnt necessarily impact deaths by getting involved in this were all too quick to jump on the bandwagon... smells political 

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3 hours ago, drunk pumpkin said:

Covid Vaccination yesterday (AZ) apart from localised pain around the injection site I'm feeling great.

I had Covid early January so was worried I'd be hit hard. So far no issues.

I am just into my 50's (although look much younger!)

Smashing, pumpkin! 🙂

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2 hours ago, steviewevie said:

Why isn't everyone going apeshit over India blocking the export of vaccines to the UK?

It's not even vaguely comparable though is it? Even ignoring that India is relatively poorer.

The EU are claiming to be upset because supplies of the AZ vaccine aren't what they should be. Which to an extent is fair enough. Except -

That's the same AZ vaccine that in most (though not all) of the EU they're now literally refusing to use. The same AZ vaccine that even when they were using it, millions of doses were sitting unused because of hesitancy caused by bullshit politically motivated statements. The same AZ vaccine that has an EU factory actively producing doses that the EU won't accept delivery of because they haven't got around to the approval yet.

Remember that as of a few days ago, at the exact same time the threat to block exports and suspend IP rights was made, EU nations combined already had around 15 million vaccine doses sitting unused according to their own stats. That's approximately a quarter of those delivered in total so far which is an astonishingly high percentage, and only about half of that stockpile are AZ - they're failing to properly utilise their Pfizer and Moderna doses as well. The problem within many (but again, not all) EU nations is as much about the distribution and their own vaccination campaigns - but it's convenient for politicians to blame supply as a way of masking or distracting from their own failings as it means they can point the fingers at a faceless company or another nation.

That's not to say AZ aren't at fault here, of course they are. But in most EU nations the lower than promised deliveries are not the primary issue.

Based on all that, there's a very, very, strong case to be made that these specific EUs actions (or threats of action) aren't so much about actually benefiting EU nations at all to any significant degree, but rather about trying to reduce the gap between their own rollout progress and others for the sake of perceptions - at least partially by slowing the rollout down elsewhere (and yes, most notably in the UK). Which is a fucking disgraceful approach.

None of the above applies to India as far as I'm aware. As far as I can tell, they want the doses so they can deliver them.

I'm heavily pro-European on just about every other issue and would vote to rejoin the EU today if I could. But it's very clear that (on this specific issue) the behaviour of certain politicians has been ridiculous. I'd have a lot more sympathy for them if it was an honest attempt to try and improve the situation for their population rather than just a politically motivated smokescreen.

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