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recommend a 'classic' album (not your fav album!)


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Not my favourite album, but one I return to again and again.and again. There is no album that I have listened to more. The title is perfect given the dub nature of this.

Garvey's Ghost, Burning Spear,

More of this is requisite.



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Yeah, Bob Dylan is now on YouTube!

It was not always that way.

This might actually be my favourite album, but I'll not confirm that given the nature of this (excellent) thread.

Bob Dylan - One More Cup of Coffee - (from) Desire.

And Hurricane..

Couldn’t help but make me feel ashamed to live in a land .Where justice is a game

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4 minutes ago, CaledonianGonzo said:

We love Giant Steps and we also love Giant Steps



John Coltrane is indeed exceptional .

I love this 2nd favourite album vibe, it is expansive!

Herbie Hancock's Headhunters, gets played an awful lot in Bamberville too......


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24 minutes ago, CaledonianGonzo said:

Lets hope Herbie is in the list of people coming back for 2021

Born in 1940 we might see him again 2021 seems a long way off TBH.

Tupac Shakur dead already.

All Eyes On Me,    fuck I love this album. Up there with Garvey's Ghost in listens.

not my favourite.


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Always go back to this. The Album is All Eye See - Illuminati Congo but the only tune on it I listen to is.this one...

ME AND MY MACHETE when I swing it never misses........

Few musical expeditions better this one. What a video too.


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Not sure if this has already been posted so apologies if it has.

Fishmans - Long Season. 

One 35 minute long song of immense dream pop beauty. It’s split into 5 relatively distinct sections with the first two and fifth being my favourites. There’s accordion, ethereal vocals and beautiful guitar riffs. What more could you want! 




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6 minutes ago, Hugh Jass said:

My wife’s uncle was an avid vinyl collector, when he passed his wife let me have a few from his collection.

All originals...



Loving the duplo train set there HJ, some nice albums as well 😊

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On 3/30/2020 at 8:29 PM, ian the worm said:

Set the fire to the third bar 

I've long held the belief that it would be a thing of great beauty to one day hear this performed with Cerys Matthews on Martha's part.  Snow patrol are one of those acts who had tremendous work at their prime but sort of fell off steadily in their interest to me as time went on.  This is without doubt one of their finest songs.

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2 hours ago, maelzoid said:

This was one of the very first albums I bought, a classic of mainstream 80s pop rock.

INXS “Kick” Album Cover Skateboard Details | FeelNumb.com

When this record came out I loved the sleeve.  I basically lived in record shops and comic or games shops and the endless array of design was something I could enjoy almost as much as the music contained within.

Loving the sleeve I checked out their back catalogue through my local library and thought that, while I quite liked it my brother would love it.  I bought it, lovely gatefold sleeve edition and gave it him for Christmas.

He went mental at me.  Just mental.  He'd never heard of them and just went off on one that I'd bought a record for myself as a present just so I could grab a copy on cassette.  It wasn't the case and some time later, INXS became his favourite band and the first big name gigs he went to.

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Working through this thread one recommendation at a time, one per day.  Having an absolute blast.

Reminds me of when I decided to work through my iPod from start to finish after getting a hard drive dump from my father in law's music files. Loads of stuff I had no idea about.

One of the ways this place truly comes into its own @Neil 

@eastynh's recommendation of Pills 'N' Thrills is a prime example.  Never listened to it and it's been on some vague list of "must listen to that at some point" for years.  On it at the moment and grooving like a loon while Mrs Q looks slightly bemused at the other end of the table :D

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