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Glastonbury 2020 Cancelled - I am sorry to be the bearer of this news.


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So sad ☹️

My first Glasto and you guys on here have had me hyped up like nothing ever before.  This was going to be the best thing ever ... and now its gone.  What a shit year 2020 is turning out to be.

Hopefully see you all on the Farm next year

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2 minutes ago, squirrelarmy said:

I have no doubt that she does. But surely Micheals daughter knows better than to make statements like that. Her account could have been compromised 

It does seem odd that she'd create a graphic like that to announce this, but...


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor clutching at straws

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2 minutes ago, Karlos12345 said:

Why would they make this call so early?

It's not really that early though. The govt are talking in terms of months, not weeks for reduced contact. It'll be the pre-event organisation that is affected, even if the lock-down is lifted by festival time. And I expect that tours are being pulled left right and centre now.

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You're all still alive and hopefully none of your love ones have been affected in reegards to health issues yet.

Glastonbury does not matter, it really doesn't. Lets all pull through this and we can worry about festivals once it is safe to do so.


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15 minutes ago, squirrelarmy said:

Until there is official word this thread should be locked. We don’t know how genuine the post is. It’s a very strange way to announce it. Someone that connected to the festival should understand how social media works and should only communicate through official channels. 

The OP poster is not connected to the festival, she is a friend of Michaels oldest daughter which I know to be true, so no reason why they weren't just chatting. Its not an announcement, but a piece of info the OP has through a conversation

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