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Online live gigs- let’s support live music from our sofas!

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bc camplight is on facebook at 6pm tonight.

reverend and the makers , sunday at 8pm.

the stand comedy club, satuday at 830pm

the alarm, saturday 9pm.


keep em coming as you spot them please :)

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So lots of bands and artist are now having to cancel - there are a few online live apps being set up plus live streaming- let’s help support these from our sofas! Share any you hear about. Frank Turne

are foals big enough to headline the internet?

@lessthanwill1 @Tuna @Lubic87 @TheNewUnion @Rubber Soldier @The Nal @David Gray (90+2) @SwedgeAntilles Think y'all had The Beths up there on your wishlists for Glastonbury this year?

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3 hours ago, Zoo Music Girl said:

They're fantastic aren't they? Saw them (or more accurately him) at Small World too, first thing we did when we arrived last year :) And in London in December

I’ve bought his Bare Bones: Volume One cd just now, prior to Facebook gig tonight. Below...at Celtic Connections, in Drygate Brewery, not a bad venue for live music!

Also helping out Samantics, he played the Avalon Cafe last year.


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4 hours ago, cammie81 said:

Not music, but the stand comedy club (based in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle) are doing a live stream at 8:30pm on Saturday. Line up includes Phil Jupitus who is a glasto regular I believe. It’s free to stream with an option to donate.

Just coming on to post this. full details here



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16 hours ago, drunk pumpkin said:

need this in my life!


thanks for sharing. I'm off to follow now!

Nice to see Carl Cox tearing it up in his slippers.

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Frank Turner is showing his Rock City 2000th tour film this evening 7pm UK time and will be chatting in the comments section while it plays. Good old Frank 🙂 


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Not a live gig but Radio Soulwax released this to get people through quarantine and said they will keep them coming as long as it lasts...


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Dubioza kolektiv


Every Monday at 19:30 PM (GMT)

In an attempt to find a way to stop long days in self-insulation and make them more interesting for ourselves and others, we decided to create a dubioza group of the clock show. Since the band members live in 3 different countries, 5 different cities, and seven different locations, we were looking for a solution how to play concerts in the new situation. Each of the band members will play from their house, and people will be able to watch it on our youtube channel, Facebook and other social media.

We decided to play one set for 20 minutes every Monda. Loud and energetic, just the way people got used to us. We invite you to join us. If we can't come to your city to play for you - we'll come to your computers, tablets and mobile phones. Turn your speakers to the end, dance jump and sing with us. If the neighbors are fighting - send them a link and call them to join

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One of my favourite musicians, Joe Pug, as well as doing free live streamed shows for all is offering personal 3-song private shows for £85 a pop. 

He's from the States and I'm bummed anyway that he hasn't toured here since ... 2015? Bloody hell ... so if there are still slots available once I've been paid on Friday, I might go for that. I can imagine I would be horribly awkward and British for the duration, but it would be quite special.

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