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Will coronavirus lead to the cancellation of Glastonbury ?


will Coronavirus lead to the cancellation of Glastonbury   

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  1. 1. will it be cancelled ?

    • im pretty confident /100% sure it will be cancelled
    • im not sure , but think it will be cancelled
    • it could go either way , ive no idea
    • im not sure , but I think it will probably go ahead
    • im pretty confident /100% sure it will go ahead

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Just now, FakeEmpire said:

Patrick Vallance's responses today are quite reassuring.  Forecasting reducing the peak by 50% within 2-3 weeks & hoping to keep deaths below 20k.  Of course, still horrendous, but far better than what we were looking at before.

He also said restrictions would be in place for months...aklthough he wouldn't say how many (because he doesn't know).

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13 minutes ago, jparx said:

What's Vallance on about? Either I don't fully understand the detail, or he's just said the peak of this thing will be about a month or so earlier than originally predicted.

Yea what’s this all about? This could be the hope we all needed

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1 hour ago, Smeble said:

shutting everyone away is silly IMO, as soon as everyone re emerges so will the virus. Protect the vulnerable whilst those who are healthy build up herd immunity. That’s how diseases like this are combatted.

essentially you're right, but the issue is about the NHS ability to cope with demand rather than anything else.

At worst there'll be around 8 million needing hospital care. There just aren't the beds or nurses or doctors.

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Basically back to the point a few of us were making last night whilst others were calling us deluded and saying they ‘know people in events who know their shit’ -


no one has a fucking clue, please leave it to the people who know what they are talking about 

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