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Glastonbury 2020

Barney McGrew

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Looks like this is gonna be where it's at. Sad news indeed but keep the spirit alive. I shall start planning my own garden festival. Top of my list is a Welfare Tent,  discreetly erected in one corner of garden. As it's my very own Welfare Tent I shall get to choose my own brand of Tea Bags and Biscuits. 

Would love the Cider Bus but room in garden is at a premium. May have to settle for Cider Shed. 🤔


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37 minutes ago, funkychick2007 said:

Lets keep this thread going rather than numerous threads about the same thing! 
yep online garden house festivals is the way to go! 

Although I've done loads of Glastonburys this year was the first full weekend ticket since 2010 and I am gutted, however, over the last decade I may have missed a few and done a few Sundays but every time I have lived it in my front room, the streaming options via the BBC has been so good that I've had a whale of a time so I know this can work.

The key for me would not be an 'on demand' service rather a curated festival starting and running to a schedule so that everybody watching is waiting for the headliner or gurning to Carl Cox's set from the dance tent in 95 at the same time, it's so simple to connect virtually and I reckon it could be epic.

Maybe, just maybe, if we could build the vision with enough enthusiasm GFL or the BBC would run with it, raise some money, raise some spirits and polish the turd that is 2020!

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