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I hope you are right dude ! ^^

Yes 10PM in UK sorry  

I don't want to loose my job 🙂  

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7 minutes ago, Matt86 said:

Something like RATM level, or AC/DC if you are a dreamer like me 🥰

I would be AMAZED mate 😂 

But to be fair I was surprised last year when they pulled off The Cure 


a lot of their marketing this year seems to be about female empowerment, I don’t know if that will be reflected on the headliners 

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These dates are inconvenient both for Parisians (Tuesday a weekday after the vacation period) and outside visitors (nothing on Monday), so Tuesday must have someone mainstream who attracts 40,000 people by themselves. My bet is on Eminem. Well, we will soon know.

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I imagine both are mad expensive ah

I think the festival is closely tied with the city of Paris, maybe because of local elections and for promotion’s sake they are willing to spend a fair amount of money 🤔

but to be honest it has always been one of my favourite festivals, the atmosphere is always good, lots of chill people but not too many during the shows, etc so I’ll probably be going no matter what


except on the Tuesday because being a teacher,  this date is the worst one ever 😂




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13 hours ago, Andrej said:

i really doubt this festival has the budget to go after RATM. i would say its either Foo Fighters or Eminem.

RATM should cost over 1 million (heard this about the 2008 Rock am Ring Show on television), Eminem sells out 80K locations on his own, so 1 or 2 nights at Stade de France would suite a lot better

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1 minute ago, Karlos12345 said:

Still, why would they add a single day and announce at the same time with Reading, if it is not someone big. Stormzy or LG wouldn‘t justify that. And since Eminem sells stadiums on his own, my money is on RATM.

I hope you are right dude ! ^^

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