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2020 Line-up Thread


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17 minutes ago, Brave Sir Robin said:

Boman has cancelled her UK tour

Her FB says "due to the latest updates to travel restrictions" - Sweden is on our amber list but it looks like they've extended its ban on arrivals from non-EU countries.

What's notable is Boman was playing the Garden on Saturday but Hawkline has replaced the TBC.

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49 minutes ago, Drutt said:

H Hawkline has also appeared on the lineup artist list H. Hawkline - End of the Road (endoftheroadfestival.com) 

And yet the lineup on the site still includes not only Boman but the three that pulled out before the splits announcement and none of those added then.

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2 hours ago, SighMo said:

The new pump up tent at Green Man brought the first can forward a fair bit. 

You're not allowed a beer until my tent is up as well, and seeing as it's the first time I've done it on my own it might take a while!

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Trying to recapture some cash maybe? It’s funny I always thought that the Glasto approach (free program) was generous, but the poster who made the train table comparison earlier got me thinking.

The tickets aren’t cheap… I shouldn’t have to pay for times.

Anyhow. A mild annoyance which is just a symptom of my excitement! I won’t care come tomorrow 🤘

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