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What's the best concert you have ever been to?


For me it was Tame Impala at Glastonbury 2019, headlining the other stage. The show was just incredible. I love Tame Impala anyway; but i just remember stopping for a second looking round and being frozen in time for a split second. I felt so much comfort and relaxed in this moment. Also they played really well. 

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So many that I can't pin down dates but:

Bruce Springsteen, Earls Court (with The Boss on stage for five hours),

Leonard Cohen, Cardiff - one of his last shows.  I went with family and friends after seeing him the year before at Glastonbury.

The Who, Glastonbury.

Rolling Stones, Glastonbury and also Stade de France in Paris.

Tim Rose, Cardiff.  Again one of his last shows not long before his death. Just one man and a guitar but pure passion and had everyone in tears with some of the more moving songs.

Neil Diamond, NEC Birmingham.  Had the whole audience on their feet from start to finish - one of the finest sing-along nights I've ever had.

Pink Floyd, every time I've seen them from 1970 onwards.

Joan Baez, Glastonbury and Cardiff.  Moved to tears on both occasions.


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The most consistently brilliant live band I've seen is McFly. If I'd seen Iron Maiden more, it might be them, but the number of times I've seen McFly and they've been staggeringly brilliant every time, it has to be them for best live band.

Best gig would be Maiden on the Legacy of the Beast tour in Newcastle. Honorable mentions would be McFly on the Anthology tour in Birmingham doing Motion in the Ocean and Wonderland. Enter Shikari at the O2 Academy in Glasgow on the second Mindsweep tour, and at the O2 Brixton on the Stop the Clocks tour worth a mention too.

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Its hard to tie down one but some that stick in my mind and I dont forget are,

The Damned @ Finsbury Park 1986

The Mission @ Kilburn National in 1986

Primal Scream @ ULU 1987

Siouxsie & the Banshees & Royal @ Albert Hall 1988

House of Love @ Boston Arms 1988

Concerts from the first few years of gig going just seem to be more special.  Maybe its because your young, live music is new, jumping around in the pit is so much fun, maybe you are more open minded, your more niave, you have less to bench mark against. What ever it is those early concerts just seem so much special.

Hundreds of concerts later, it takes a lot to impress me now. I still like new music but those early live bands stick with me and a few even still play.


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1 hour ago, A-Rob said:

The White Stripes 2007 in London. 

Run the Jewels 2018 at Manchester Victoria Warehouse, the energy at that gig was unreal. 

Did you see The White Stipes at Hyde Park with Queens Of The Stone Age supporting them? That was a quality day out.

Mine would be Streetlight Manifesto at Camden Underworld, I was walking up to the venue and all the crowd were outside all singing the songs and once I was in it was wall to wall bouncing with pretty much everyone singing every line to every song. 

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On 1/17/2020 at 4:37 PM, jump said:

Did you see The White Stipes at Hyde Park with Queens Of The Stone Age supporting them? That was a quality day out.


it was an epic day for sure and One of my favorite days ever for live music. 

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