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1 minute ago, FloorFiller said:

Well that’s just the thing - that sort of indie rock isn’t exactly in high demand anymore and hip hop, pop etc is hence why the top of major festival lineups look pretty damn different to ten years ago when AF were headlining Reading/Leeds. They haven’t been replaced or maintained their hype because people outside of their indie fans have largely moved on. If Glastonbury goes down that road any time soon, Arctic Monkeys are the better bet for a thinking mans indie headliner. Outside of them releasing a brilliant new album that gets people re-interested, APE and the like seem far more in AF’s ballpark now. 

Fair but I guess I just don’t think they’ve been edged out by anyone. Like they’re going to be handed down to generations much like REM, Pulp, The Cure, have been and their live shows will keep bringing people back. They may be done for R+L but their fans should keep going to Glastonbury. It’s kinda like my opinion on The Strokes, although one is much more likely to actually nail a headline set so wouldn’t be an embarrassment.

I wouldn’t argue against them headlining All Points East either because that is their sort of festival, but it is still a 40k capacity event and there aren’t many headliners filling those up. Arcade Fire would probably sell it quite quickly so I don’t think it’s a Glasto headliner’s death.

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A few years ago I couldn't have imagined that The Cure or The Killers would headline again, but they both have and the latter seemed to have turned into a stadium-shagging behemoth since then (I know they'd previously played stadiums, but the 2020 stadium sold out in no-time). So I wouldn't rule Arcade Fire out just yet, even though they're not as big as either of those.

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3 hours ago, danbailey80 said:

Agree that Arcade Fire are just not headlining at the moment. They weren't a massive booking originally by any means and they've slipped further from mainstream consciousness. 

Isn't it the other way round? Everything Now is their only song that's getting airplay outside of alternative radio stations. It's only since Everything Now that my mother knows about Arcade Fire. (A bit similar to when Killers released Human and getting played on pop radio)

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