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Knotfest 2020


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33 minutes ago, jonday81 said:

Do Big Green Coach tickets sell out as such or do they just add more coaches? I need to book my coach ticket but can't afford it until May.

They can sell out, sometimes if they feel there is enough demand they will add more but it's rare.

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On 1/10/2020 at 9:59 AM, jump said:

The general sale is next Friday, anyone reckon will get the first lot of non-Slipknot acts playing before then?

Guessing if My Chemical Romance are doing a Milton Keynes gig that this means there'll be an announcement delay as they probably wouldn't want 2 shows with a similarish audience in the same city (maybe same venue) simultaneously on sale on the same day.

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It ultimately shouldn't, but I can't imagine both Slipknot and MCR will be having gigs go on first sale in the same week (especially in a low-money month like January), as I imagine promoters will think the two bands have audience crossover.

Could be wrong though.

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7 minutes ago, Gilgamesh69 said:

Yeah but imagine being stuck on a boat with Slipknot fans 👀😬

It's the ships crew I feel sorry for. They must be used to old retired couples poodling around the decks.

The cabins in the pictures look nice.

Imagine the horror, if they also sell tickets to ordinary cruise ship passengers.

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