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Wide Awake Festival


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3 hours ago, Guy Incognito said:

If you do ditch EotR let me know and I'll buy your ticket! 🙂


56 minutes ago, swashbubbler said:

and if he doesn't I will 

very tempted to go from this up to the Manchester Psych Festival to make up for missing EotR


Obviously hanging on to both for a good while yet though as no idea what this summer will hold. Let's just hope we all get our moment in a field somewhere! 

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31 minutes ago, jannybruck said:

Nah, think this is it. It's only a one day festival so it's already stacked in terms of actual bands playing.

I think they'll be a few added but only a handful of small bands taking up the bottom, I'm sure So Young Magazine have a stage again this year and have Folly Group signed to their new label so could see them added to open up their stage for example. Nothing huge though.

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The Mighty Hoopla is the day after and that says it has seven stages, with 200 artists playing over the day. we are at about 32 odd acts. I expect theyll only have half capacity of hoopla (25,000), using half the stages (three or four?). Eight acts a day over four stages sounds about right. 

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14 hours ago, Kobekes said:

hmmm... less than 4 weeks to go and no news from the festival on their social medias. Tropical F**k Storm is still on the website, right above the text "subject to licence" on the bottom of the page? 🤔

Looks like an oversight to me- they have taken them off the poster:


Posting once a week on Instagram which I imagine will ramp up. Wouldn’t be surprised if we have more pullouts though if bands are having to fly in.



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22 minutes ago, finn_with_1_n said:

having to sell my ticket (work stuff) for this. bought it on Dice for £43.45 so happy to sell it for that price - £10+ cheaper than the face value tix now. just the one ticket

Wow, they've gone up! 

I sent mine back last week (clashed with EotR), but that was £28 when I bought last year!

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