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PA Tickets and Accessible Facilities

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Hi All,

I have a hidden disability, symptoms of which include anxiety. I get PIP at the enhanced rates.

Quick questions... when applying for a PA ticket does that person need to be already registered for tickets?

It would be really beneficial for me to be able to access the showers, can I do this without taking up space in accessible camping for those with mobility issues? Is the accessible camping more suited to someone with a mental health condition  over the regular campsites?

Sorry for all the potentially stupid questions!


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I would speak to the festival accessibility team about your needs, it might be that it's better for you to stay in that camp area, each disability is different so your needs might be different to someone else who might have a similar condition.

It doesn't look like your PA would need to be registered for tickets.


Hope you have a great time at the festival

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I have been a p.a twice at Glastonbury. I was registered. I think the person applying to bring a p.a needs to have a ticket already. Then you apply for the 2 for 1 p.a pass and as far as I know the p.a needs to be registered but I could be wrong about that. The p.a attendance won't be confirmed until much nearer the resale time and the p.a won't get a ticket, they will pick up all relevant documents and passes at the information point outside the festival entrance. 

At the wheelchair accessible camp, the showers are good but you'll still be waiting up to an hour or so if you go at a busy time. You may be waiting along with people in wheelchairs and with serious mobility issues. If you feel you are taking the place of someone who needs quicker access than you, you can always let them go first, or they will be told to go to the front of the queue by a steward. There is no big deal made about this and the people at the camp are as chilled out and nice as they are all over Glastonbury. 

If you have anxiety then that camp may be better for you. I've never stayed there, nor do I have a disability. I have visited twice and it seemed much quieter than the main camping areas. There is also a team of people checking who comes in and out and I think the p.a only has access when accompanied by the ticket holder. 

You'll also have access to the raised platforms at the main stages, as well as access to various shortcuts and closed off toilet areas throughout the festival. 

Hope that helps a bit. 

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